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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I224)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I23)
3 An Arts graduate of the University of Western Ontario, he spent the first thirteen years of his working life employed in flying and staff duties in the Royal Canadian Air Force. After that and until retirement, he was an administrative officier, first with the University of Toronto and then, for many years, with Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario. Ellis, David Nicholson (I22)
4 Charles was the eldest son of Dr. Sam F. Price, State senator of Saratoga, Florida. Price, Charles G. (I344)
5 children are in wrong order. Smith, Mary (I189)
6 Dean McDonaldwho holds a PhD in Geology, works for a mining firm. McDonald, Dean (I30)
7 Forest Lawn, Royal Oak Avenue, Burnaby, BC Harris, Elizabeth Caroline ( Aunt Carrie) (I59)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I35)
9 HARRIS, P/O Allan Moran Patrick (J85038) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.420 Squadron - Award effective 1 September 1944 as per London Gazette dated 19 September 1944 and AFRO 2373/44 dated 3 November 1944. Born in Dublin, September 1918; home in St. Catharines, Ontario. Private, Canadian Army prior to enlistment. Enlisted in Vancouver, 13 January 1942. To No.2 Manning Depot, 1 February 1942. To No.3 SFTS (guard duty), 27 March 1942. To No.4 ITS, 9 May 1942; graduated and promoted LAC, 17 July 1942; posted next day to No.2 BGS; graduated 14 September 1942 when posted to No.4 AOS; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 23 October 1942. To ?Y? Depot, 6 November 1942; to RAF overseas, 22 November 1942. Commissioned 14 February 1944. Promoted Flying Officer, 14 August 1944. Repatriated 14 April 1945. Retired 9 June 1945. Photo PL-35927 is a portrait. No citation other than \"completed...many successful operations during which [he has] displayed high skill, fortitude and devotion to duty.\" Public Records Office Air 2/9276 has recommendation dated 29 June 1944 when he had flown 30 sorties (187 hours 15 minutes), 6 September 1943 to 27 May 1944. Just before starting tour he recorded eight hours ten minutes flown ferrying aircraft to North Africa.
6 September 1943 - Battapagalia (5.35)
8 September 1943 - Gaeta (6.15)
12 September 1943 - Castelnoovo (7.00)
14 September 1943 - Battapagalia (6.55)
15 September 1943 - Torre Anunziata (6.10)
17 September 1943 - Cervateri (6.00)
19 September 1943 - Beneventto (6.10)
22 September 1943 - Formia (6.40)
23 September 1943 - Leghorn (7.20)
24 September 1943 - Leghorn (7.30)
29 September 1943 - Formia (6.00)
11 October 1943 - Formia (6.30)
19 February 1944 - Leipzig (7.20)
24 February 1944 - Schweinfurt (8.05)
13 March 1944 - Le Mans (5.15)
15 March 1944 - Stuttgart (8.30)
18 March 1944 - Frankfort (4.55)
22 March 1944 - Frankfort (6.00)
24 March 1944 - Berlin (8.15)
26 March 1944 - Essen (5.20)
30 March 1944 - Nuremburg (7.45)
9 April 1944 - Ville St.George (5.20)
18 April 1944 - Noisy le Sec (4.45)
20 April 1944 - Lens (4.00)
7 May 1944 - St.Valery (3.35)
9 May 1944 - Calais (3.15)
10 May 1944 - Ghent (4.00)
12 May 1944 - Louvain (4.45)
27 May 1944 - Bourg-Leopold (4.55)

Pilot Officer Harris, as Air Bomber of Pilot Officer Boadway\'s crew, has contributed much to their outstanding success. He has carefully identified his target on every occasion, never bombing until his aiming point was definitely in his sights. His determination to press home his attacks and his many fine photographs have set a very high standard in this squadron. Pilot Officer Harris is strongly recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. 
Harris, Alan Moran (I2)
10 He enlisted in the Divisional Cyclist Corps in World war I and served in France from 1916 to the end of the war. He was commissioned in the field and was awarded the Military Cross for gallentry in the action at the Canal du Nord in northern France on Sept 27 1918. Between the end of the war and demoblization he was assigned to a unit at Bonn, Germany. In civilian life after the war he was an accountant in Oshawa, London, Windsor and Strathroy before settling in London where he became the owner of a small business. Harris, Arthur Balfour (I13)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I168)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I165)
13 He is a University Spanish Language professor. Noriga, Teobaldo (Teo) (I29)
14 He is an Accountant. They lived in or near London until 1956 and then in Santa Ana, California. On retirement, they settled in Prescott, Arizona. They have one child child; Paul Douglas. Taylor, Donald Campbell (I201)
15 He is believed to have practised Law in the town of Armagh and to have recieved the distinction of a Queen’s Counsel ( QC). He is only known to have had one child: John Porter Harris, John Porter (I66)
16 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I19)
17 He was a member of the Rossland Police 1901 - 1904

Started a clothing store with his business partner - William E. Costello

the store they owned was destroyed in a fire in 1904. 
McDonell, Duncan John (I67)
18 Is the earliest presumed name in the Harris family. He is believed to have lived in the latter part of the of the eighteenth (1700's) and the early part of the nineteenth (1800's) century. His wife's name is not known but it is believed to have had children as is shown in his family card. He is also believed to have had several daughters but the reason for this belief is not clear. It seems likely that at this point in time there would be more children but they could have just as easily been sons as a mixture of sons and daughters. Harris, John (I219)
19 McDONELL, F/O Joseph Lawrence (J19372) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.428 Squadron - Award effective 3 November 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1/45 dated 5 January 1945. Born 22 March 1914 in Rossland, British Columbia; educated there and home there. Clerk, 1931-1932; machine operator, 1933-1937; electrician?s helper, 1937-1941; enlisted in Edmonton, 5 June 1942 and posted to No.3 Manning Depot; appears to have been detained there while upgrading his mathematical skills; to No.4 ITS, 13 September 1942. Graduated and promoted LAC, 4 December 1942 but not posted to No.3 BGS, Macdonald until 28 December 1942; graduated and promoted Sergeant, 19 March 1943. To ?Y? Depot, Halifax, 3 April 1943. To RAF Trainee Pool, 3 May 1943 when taken on strength of No.3 PRC. To No.22 OTU, 18 May 1943. To No.1664 Conversion Unit, 1 August 1943. To No.428 Squadron, 26 August 1943. Promoted Flight Sergeant, 19 September 1943. Commissioned 17 October 1943. Promoted Flying Officer, 17 April 1944. To No.1664 Conversion Unit, 23 August 1944 where he was described as ?not a forceful type - an average officer?. Repatriated 23 April 1945. To Western Air Command, Vancouver, 8 May 1945. To No.8 Release Centre, 29 June 1945. Retired 30 June 1945. Died in Victoria, 1 August 1981, aged 67 as per British Columbia Vital Statistics. Presented 24 May 1947.

This officer has proved himself to be a most efficient and resolute member of aircraft crew. As air gunner he has participated in a large number of sorties and on many occasions his vigilance and prompt warnings have enabled his pilot to evade enemy fighters. On one sortie whilst over Berlin a burst of fire from a fighter struck his turret and rendered it unserviceable; his guns were also put out of action. The enemy aircraft continued to attack with much persistence but Flying Officer McDonell gave excellent directions to his pilot who finally evaded the attacker. This officer's cool and skillful work did much to ensure the success of the sortie.

Notes: On 6 April 1945 on repatriation he stated he had flown on 31 sorties (215 hours eleven minutes) plus 182 hours 50 minutes non-operational time. First sortie was 30 August 1943. Last sortie was 3 August 1944. Aircraft types were Wellington III and X (83.20), Halifax III and V (275.35) and Lancaster X (39.06)

Training: Course at No.3 BGS was 29 December 1942 to 19 March 1943. Flew in Fairey Battle (19 hours 25 minutes). Fired Vickers Gas Operated guns in air, Vickers Gas Operated and Browning guns on ground; operated Bristol turret in air, Bristol, Frazer-Nash and Boulton Paul turrets on ground. Course began as Stage One with courses in Armament, oral (71/100), Armament, written (184/300), Anti-Gas (57/100), Aircraft Recognition (88/100), Navigation (88/100), Mathematics (46/50), Law, Administration and Hygiene (73/100), and Signals (10/100, supplemental 80/100). Stage Two training was practical air and ground work - 19 hours 25 minutes in the air; 108 feet of film exposed; ten hours 20 minutes on turret manipulation, 175 rounds in skeet shooting, 700 rounds on 25-yard range, 400 rounds on 200-yard range, 1,050 rounds air-to-ground, 3,620 rounds air-to-air (8.1 percent hits in air). Stage Two exams in Gunnery, written (91/150), Practical and oral (72/100), Aircraft Recognition (85/100), Drill (66/100), Signals (75/100). Graded 72/100 in ?Ability as Firer.? Placed 60th in a class of 77. ?Average student; basic qualities fair; practical; responsible; mental process slow; willing.?

Course at No.22 OTU was 18 May to 1 August 1943. Flew 42.20 by day, 41.00 by night. Carried out six exercises as gunner, firing 3,500 rounds air-to-air and 900 air-to-sea, ?Very steady and reliable. Will make a sound operational air gunner. Recommended for a commission.? (Report dated 17 July 1943). McDonell, Joesph Lawrence (I78)
20 Mountain View McDonell, Mary Margaret (I77)
21 Mountain View - Section 1, Plot 80(3) Campbell, Janet or Jeanette ( known as Jenny) (I68)
22 Mountain View Cemetery - Section 1, Plot 80(3) McDonell, Loretta (I69)
23 My husband J.P. Harris told me that his father’s mother was a Erin Porter-daughter of Bishop Porter of the Anglican Diocese of Clogher, Ireland.

On the occasion of her marriage to his grandfather- John Harris she was weighed, her weight in gold was given to her husband. One of their sons was called John Porter Harris- who was my husbands father. They were called the Armagh Harris’ and mostly went in for Law- Arthur harris, Henry Harris other sons were Hugh Harris, Frederick Harris and I believe one was Mervyn. There were daughters which names I do not remember but Caroline was the family name and their was a place in the grounds called Caroline’s walk. John Porter Harris was a QC., Queens Counsel in his day and he ( can’t figure out the letters) for the district. He died suddenly when out hunting. The estate was called Ashford or Ashfort. 
Harris, Mary Anne (known as May) (I65)
24 No burial, cremation Jaques, Marilyn Anne (I153)
25 Ocean View Burial Park, Section 3-235 Calvary Moran, Anges Theresa ( known as Molly) (I8)
26 On an elaborate marble tablet in Clogher Cath. is the inscription- “ Sacred to the Memeory of the Right Reverend John Porter, D.D., formly Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge, and late Lord Bishop of this Diocese, who died on the 27th of July, 1819, in the 68th year of his age, and 45th of his ministry. Deeply versed in sacred learning, he united the scholar with the gentleman. Firm in his trust and inflexbly attached to truth, in his intercourse with the world he feared God more than man and in every situation of life , in which the Providence of God placed him he sustained the conduct and character of a righteous man. This monument is erected by his afflicted family in testimony of their affection and his worth” (See also B.L.G.) Porter, Bishop John (I188)
27 Plot Location: 
Section 1, Plot 80(2)
City of Trail cemetery 
McDonell, Duncan John (I67)
28 ReInterned, cementary roadway caused change. McDonell, Duncan John (I67)
29 Scared heart Church Family F49
30 Septicaemia Telford, Annie (I229)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I24)
32 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I25)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I202)
34 They lived at 47 Candahar Street, Belfast Shannon, William John (I237)
35 This name and addition comes from a letter from May Harris, ( Mary Anne Harris ) that shows her naming her mother -in - law as Erin Porter, daughter of Bishop John Porter of the diocese of Clogher, Ireland. Porter, Erin (I225)
36 With his brother Arthur, he enlisted in the Oshawa Cyclist Corps in World War 1. he served in France from sometime late in 1916 where, like his brother Arthur, he was commissioned in the field. He was killed in action at the Canal du Nord in Northern France on 9 Aug 1918. Harris, Dermot Alan (I15)